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We're a research consultancy with a simple philosophy:

People deserve to understand their data, and the world needs data used for good.

We do evidence science: we bring together social science, data science, and human-first thinking to help you create and measure impact.


I need a research project

Quantitative & qualitative research.

Evidence & evaluation plans.

Big questions about human behavior.

I need a data science project

Prediction & causal inference.

Meaningful measurement.

Actionable & rigorous statistics.

I need strategy, education, or measurement experience

Consulting on equity in evaluation & assessment

Workshops  that build research skills & DEI data science frameworks. 

Talks on DEI in research, meaningful measurement, and learning science.

Not sure if your org needs evidence design?

Let's explore.

An image of a group of kayakers in the ocean next to a cliff face.
An image of a hiking trail on a coast with jagged green hills.

Do you want to understand human behavior?

Do you want to put the power of data behind your organization?

Catharsis Consulting is a proud woman and LGBT-owned business.

We are also proud to support partners in our local community with volunteer data work when possible. 

Clients Have Included



Truity Psychometrics

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