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Discovering research insight with Catharsis

Working with us means joining our community of partners. Whether we work together for an hour or a year, our partners get world-class evidence science and access to world-class practitioners.   

Engagements are customized to an organization's needs, but we typically offer research and data services either per project, or on retainer to partners with long-term and more dynamic research & data needs. For "bite-sized" research services, we offer hourly packages when you need timely and targeted expert support. 

Not sure what's a fit for you? No problem, just set up an intro call and we'll scope with you!

A research project might look like: 

Discovery: co-designing our research questions with your stakeholders, auditing existing data or knowledge, providing background literature from evidence science, behavioral science, or other relevant expertise areas

Data & Research Creation: developing measures that answer our questions, defining and finding research participants, users, or other insightful voices that hold understanding of the key questions. Running behavioral sessions, surveys, or other research methodologies that generate data.

Analysis: summarizing, synthesizing, and elaborating on data. Creating key artifacts like reports, white papers, and code scripts. In data science projects, applying ML or other cutting-edge methods to drive insight.

A "bite-size" research consult on methodology might look like:

Materials consult: 

A design package to deliver an original survey or interviewing script tailored to your research questions, or leading a co-design session with your stakeholders for a new research area 

Data & Research Creation: A methods consult to develop original measures, or researching and providing evidence-based methodologies from behavioral science 

Analysis: super-charging your data insight by providing a package of analysis for existing datasets, or specific expertise in predictive models, causal inference, DEI in evidence analysis, or any of our other areas of analytic expertise

Other projects: 

Behavioral science and evidence science is relevant everywhere! If you have a need that is not reflected in these descriptions, please feel free to reach out anyway. We've partnered with product teams, engineering education programs, small businesses exploring data collection, and nonprofits writing grants. For questions that touch human behavior, measurement, and social impact, we're open to scoping your specific need!

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