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Data Science Projects


There is endless hype about data science right now. What sets us apart? We care deeply about the truth, we're allergic to hype, and we bring together deep expertise in research design and equitable data science with spending enough time to understand your expertise and the contextual evidence of your data. We believe in connecting organizations with real, rigorous, and fit-for-purpose data methods and we center communicating and creating impact with our analyses on every project.

Catharsis Consulting takes on a limited number of high impact projects per year in data science. We have expertise in large-scale statistics, machine learning, predictive algorithm design, causal inference design, predictive modeling, and data cleaning, with a special focus on data that comes from longitudinal human behavior. We have years of experience working with applied datasets in the real world, including fit-for-purpose analyses on best methods for observational data and large-scale behavioral data (such as data from schools, national projects, and healthcare). We primarily work in R and SQL, but bring in additional staff for occasional larger projects with data engineering. 

We work with real-world data and its messiness: you don't need to run at the scale of a high tech company to learn from your data (although we've worked with teams at high tech companies!). Some of our most impactful data science projects have been in partnership with social work organizations, political campaigns, and small businesses seeking to use these tools. We work with stakeholders and domain experts in your organization, putting the right tools in your hands to get the most out of your data. Our data science projects also frequently involve upskilling and providing education on statistics and causal inference, so that our partners come away from our work feeling more confident, empowered, and invested in working with their own data. 


We believe data is for everyone and that working with people's data is a privilege.  We bring rigorous statistical training to our work. We care about documentation, keeping up with best practices from academia and industry, and all the "boring" parts of analysis that give you findings you can trust and insights that will continue to drive good decision-making for years.

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