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Research Projects


Catharsis Consulting leads rigorous, heartfelt, illuminating research projects. We bring expertise in social science, measurement, causal inference, and human behavior to supercharge your organization's impact. We can help you figure out what to measure, how to measure it, and how to design research projects that lay the foundation for years of future discovery. For end-to-end research projects, we typically collaborate with only a few partners at a time, in order to invest in deep research strategy and insightful research that will pay off for years to come.

Depending on schedule availability, we also offer smaller, bite-size research services. These services are excellent for teams that want a quick expert consult, a technical methods consult, or want to fill in a missing piece for a project. We can help build evidence-backed survey measures, design interview scripts, and create powerful literature reviews that ground your project in existing best practices and insights.


We specialize in partnering with organizations that care about the MEANING of their data more than the quantity. We believe in the power of data, but also in the power of designing exactly the right question. We love working with small, mission-driven organizations, but we also bring powerhouse insight to teams inside of larger organizations seeking rich research roadmaps, to motivate new skill development, or to target specific impact questions with a deeper focus.  


We have expertise in behavioral science mixed-methods (qual + quant) research, measurement and assessment design, efficacy evaluations, psychology and cognitive science, and topics within human wellbeing like motivation and psychological safety. We have a special focus on the industries of education, healthcare and patient experience, and hiring and equitable performance evaluation. 

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